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Providing Excellence in Outreach

"Normally three separate concerts don't include such a wide variety of different styles. In my 14 years as  pastor in Torre Pellice I have never attended such a wonderful concert - neither have I been so moved by a concert."

Pastor Bruno Rostagno, Torre Pellice (Italy)

Adoramus provides a service both to individual churches and to groups of churches looking to put on a larger scale musical outreach concert. To hear the musical variety that Adoramus can offer your church or Churches Together project, visit our Concert Clips page.

Our Christian Choir and Orchestra has an 15 year history of providing creative, entertaining programmes using music from a wide spectrum guaranteed to appeal to a broad variety of tastes. Many of our concerts include visual material to accompany the music, bringing an extra dimension to well loved classics as well as to more contemporary material. Concerts can be compèred, include a short talk or testimony, or just simply flow, depending on the requirements of the churches owning and promoting the event.

Adoramus can also attract large audiences. Christmas concerts at the Lee Valley Leisure centre generated audiences of over 1000 on an annual basis, working in conjunction with Enfield churches. We have also had full houses [800] at the St.Albans Abbey for a Christmas concert and at the Alban Arena [600] for our Love Classics from the Shows and our Love Classic Opera Choruses programmes. Our Glory of Easter concert programme attracts full audiences at both the Alban Arena and the Watford Colosseum.

The ensemble is in a position to offer concerts to the Italian community in this country, having visited Italy four times and having built up a repertoire in the language. We have also visited Normandy and have a concert programme available in French.

If you would like more information about Adoramus please email us.